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Wireless Access

Wireless Access

Access to the wireless network is available to the OzU community and guests while on campus and it supports most mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Two types of wireless access are available, depending upon who you are:

OzU.Net Visitors

This wireless network, which provides limited, open and unencrypted access to guests. This network does require authentication, is not encrypted, has limited access to the Internet and is not intended for access to OzU internal resources.

In order to benefit from this service, please contact your OzU responsible person in

eduroam wireless access

Eduroam is a secure, worldwide service that allows students, researchers, and staff from other institutions that also use eduroam to connect to the network by supplying the login credentials of their home organization.  The eduroam network/SSID is available throughout the OzU campus.

How to get online?

To use the eduroam service in its initial implementation on campus:

  1. Select the SSID eduroam from your device's list of available wireless networks.
  2. Enter your user name at the prompt, in the format :your institutional e-mail adress: <Ozu.Net ID>@(ozyegin/ozu).edu.tr and your Ozu.Net password.
  3. Accept the eduroam certificate and authenticate your device, if prompted.

After you configure a device for eduroam on campus, the SSID should allow you to connect wherever it' supported.

Global eduroam service map:
For more information on the eduroam service, please refer to the eduroam website.